How To See The Hidden Sacred Geometry Patterns In The G-Spot Spinner Meditation

In this article I talk about the Activation-Meditation Station which can be experienced at:

(LINK NO LONGER WORKING. Sorry, I don’t know where to find the original meditation station anymore.)

Here is a description of it:

“L.O.V.E. Meditation Station

The Meditation Station is a Perfect Place to do your Daily Meditation. Using the Sacred G Breath will help to clear your mind and put you into an alpha state where advanced programming can take place. The Galactic Mantra is designed for the Ultimate I AM Reinforcement to entrain your brain to awaken to its full potential. Stare at the Sacred G TranceNdance design as it reveals deeper insights into the mysteries of this Profound Technology and continues to drive you deeper into your True Essence. Combine these two Powerful Techniques with the Sacred G Technology spinning at Ultra High Speeds and you have the Ultimate Meditation Station!”

“How do you see the hidden patterns,” you ask.

“Simply blur your eyes.”

Refocus your eyes so that its like you are seeing something really close to you. Notice how when you put your finger up right in front of your nose and actually look at it, how things farther away become more distorted and blurred.

You can also learn to cross your eyes this way, which can be really useful for viewing holographically. Have you ever looked at a stereoscopic picture? There are 2 pictures that are slightly shifted so when you cross your eyes it looks 3-D.

When you can easily cross your eyes, eventually you can actually gain control over the amount your eyes are crossed. For example, if you had not just two of the same pictures next to each other, but a larger amount like six, you could create a 3d image with the 2 that are right next to each other by crossing your eyes the least amount, or your could cross them even more and make another 3d image out of the two edge images with one image in-between them.


Now that you know about crossing more and more, if you cross your eyes less and less you can learn to move really easily from regular vision to 3-d vision (refocused or blurred) and back again.

In using thing to view the G-spot spinner, I like to cross my eyes just barely enough to get them to go all blurry, but then I re-align the images so it is just one blurry image instead of two. Its basically just a way of messing with the focus of the eyes, but when I do it with the sacred G spinner its like there is a whole universe of moving 3-d geometry I would be missing out on if I didn’t blur my eyes and see the whole picture at once.


Its one of the most amazing sacred geometries I have seen. The Trance N Dance pattern all at once spinning at those velocities creating all the geometry and progressions through the different symmetries and stages is incredible.


Keep your head at the normal distance you have it from the computer when you watch the spinner, so that when you’re crossing your eyes and realigning the images while maintaining the blur, you will be able to see the pattern blurred, which allows you to see the entire pattern of colors all at once.

If you are too close to the screen, no matter how hard you try to blur, it will be really hard because it is already so close and your eyes have already automatically re-adjusted.

If you do achieve this you will begin to notice that the spinner starts pretty regularly, then it goes until it shows the geometry of 2 side that are symmetric. It may look like a cross, a foreshadowing of the coming “4 symmetry”.

Then I see it move to the triangle and its 3 side symmetric,


Then I see the 4 side symmetric and its really easy to tell because its a more defined cross than the 2 and I can easily see the cross of circles in the next picture illustrating exactly what happens when it gets to the 4-side symmetric speed.


Then I see it go to a 5-sided geometry, and while that’s there I have actually seen a perfect 5-sided star traced out in my vision by the colors spinning at the perfect frequency. I had to be really focusing and paying attention to be able to see it though, and also blurring my eyes, otherwise it’s seemingly invisible.


When it reaches it maximum speed before slowing down and going back the other way it resembles an interlocking of all of the geometries together into one super powered full-spectrum energy vibration pulsing all at once.


My favorite part, and when I feel the best, is after its slowing down from its top speed because I feel as its slowing down, the geometry slips into my mind really easily for some reason. I also recommend that whenever you do the G-spot meditation to view it spinning to the top speed and slowing all the way down in both directions. Doing it in both directions seems to fill your brain with the info and instructions 2x as much.

Using this technique to see the geometry and full spectrum vibration more may enhance the effects of the Love technology. Experiment with it your self and see what you can find. Also I would like to say that, based on a comment made by Cory about the quality of the print having an effect on the vibration it sends out, blurring your eyes may be effective as a tool to find, see and understand the geometry of the Trance-N-Dance more easily, but one should always pay close attention to the strain they may be putting on your eyes.

If your eyes hurt after doing it or practicing seeing holigraphically for a while, or if you feel nauseous, please stop. Each person is the only one in their own circumstances and you are the only one that can feel your own body and make decisions based on that information.

May we all choose to do what is truly best for our selves, see that each of us is unique, and may we each realize our outstanding gifts and bring an abundance of creativity and love into the world.


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